In autumn 2013, not only Bernecos new website was launched,
also a new tagline: The Better Way.

The Better Way

The market is a jungle with both serious, less serious and unserious operators, so in 2013 it became time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Sometime after the latest financial crisis, many companies lost focus and stopped taking responsibility for the environment, people and our future. We want to make it clear what we stand for and what our customers have the right to expect from us.

This is The Better Way according to Berneco Transport:

Highest level of service! With many years of experience, great knowledge and extreme accuracy, we know that we can always deliver with the highest level of precision. A clear example is in 2010-2012 when we delivered more than 8000 full loads for a big export company with an amazing 100% supply reliability.

Availability! We will answer your call 24/7, all year via telephone exchange and hotline.

Communication all the way! Customers, suppliers, clients’ customers, clients suppliers, internally, hauliers and drivers, we communicate extensively to achieve the best results every time. We at Berneco will always communicate directly with the driver, no complicated and slow detours via subcontractors. We hold a unique communication level, so that you as a customer can focus on your core business.

Strong partnerships! Since 1993, we have had a solid partnership regarding our daily transport planning and terminal handling with our colleague C. Vreugdenhil Transport BV in Maasdijk, Holland. Each haulier that drives for us have been partners with us for many years. In the same way many of our costumers has collaborated with us since the beginning, 20 years ago.

Environmental work for real! We don’t just write a policy and post it on our website, we have had an ISO certification for both environment and quality since 2003. As certified, the choice is easy, we have to work on reducing consumptions to decrease emissions, and take our own responsibility for the future!

Innovation! We shall always have modern units to secure environment and quality. For example, every truck that drives for Berneco today is a Euro class 5 or better. The average age of a truck is 1 year and for a trailer it’s 3 years. We also have a new transport system for tracking units and also temperature monitoring in real time inside each trailer.

Human responsibility! Some media reports have detailed that certain transporters have almost slavery contracts with their foreign drivers. Profit hunting has unfortunately taken over the commonsense of the industry. In Bernecos familiar spirit we have always taken our responsibility for both the drivers and staff, regardless if they are our own or our subcontractors.

Done talking! Our founder Berne Jönsson has always believed that “honesty is the best policy”, and this is written on the walls of our office. We deliver what others only promise, for real! So…. try Berneco! Try The Better Way…