History – The first 20 years

Berneco 20-år skål

20th anniversary gift from our employees

Berneco Transport AB is a transport agency, which was founded on January 1st 1993 by the Jönsson family. Our Company name is taken by the founder himself, Mr. Berne Jönsson (Berne & Company).
Mr. Jönsson started his career in the transport business in the 60s, and by the beginning of the 90s he had acquired a large amount of knowledge and experience in the Industry. Despite the current financial crisis, Mr. Jönsson chose to invest in his company further, starting Berneco Transport AB with his oldest son Mattias Jönsson. Which in retrospect, this was entirely the right decision.

Berneco Transport AB has from the beginning specialized in export and import primarily from Holland and Belgium, specifically in temperature-controlled transportation (mainly food). Bernecos placement is strategically correct (along with E6 just south of Ängelholm), with the Scandinavian hub regarding fruit and vegetables placed just outside Helsingborg. In 1998, Berneco moved to its current office in Erikslunds old school. Near to the office they also built a terminal for storage and transshipment in 2005.

Berneco has always prioritized its level of service and availability to both customers and suppliers. Knowledge and experience are some of the vital ingredients that allow us to achieve the highest level of service. Therefore we are very pleased that today’s transportation department has chosen to stay, develop and thrive here.

The department consists of eldest son Mattias (since 1993), Jonas Gunnerfeldt (since 1993), Mats Eriksson (since 1996) and the youngest son Jesper (since 1999). A rather natural generation change began in the early 2000s, in 2006, the youngest son Jesper was elected as the new Managing Director of the company. Since then the brothers Jesper (CEO) and Mattias (Transport Manager) have run the company, founder Berne Jönsson is today a happy retiree who still has a chair in Bernecos boardroom. In his spare time Berne teases his grandchildren and is also trying to hunt some elk.