A world without transports – does it work?

Transports is often named as something as a necessary evil. Despite this, no one can ignore how dependent we are of transportations for our society to work. A survey by Sveriges Åkeriföretag (SÅ) shows that a society without transport would look like this after a few days:

Day 1: Milk and fresh bread runs out, letters and packages cannot be sent, industrial production has to shut down and heat production ends.

Day 2: The Pharmacy would close, other fresh food will run out, diesel would run low.

Day 3: Sludge will begin to be a problem, the food in our schools will consist of remains and dry food.

Day 4: All fuel has now run out at all gas stations, all bus and air services are cancelled, and garbage is in the streets.

Day 5: Drinking water is unsafe, there is a severe lack of food, school dinners have now run out, industrial production has totally shut down.

As you can now understand, the answer on the headline is NO! After less than a week, the whole country would be in urgent need of pretty much everything. This is a thought to bring with you in everyday life.