Tempcon Group are specialists in temperature controlled transport. We help you tailor a customized solution that optimally meets your specific needs and specifications.


In Tempcon Group's warehouses and terminals, your goods are in safe hands. The goods are handled and stored in premises that comply with the latest legislation and the most stringent requirements for efficiency, hygiene and safety.

With the customer in the center and focus on BeNeLux
At Berneco we help you as our customer to focus on what you are good at, your core business. You should not have to worry about transportation either in terms of cost, time or performance. With us you will always find the small family full service option. It is a matter of course to meet our customer´s needs for safe, cost-effective and time-bound transports, for primarily temperature-regulated goods in Europe based on innovation and first class workmanship. We know that not many people in Sweden beat us when it come to the Dutch market. We are there where it happens, when it happens.

Communication is first and last
Already from the start, we at Berneco have prioritized service and availability towards customers and suppliers. To ensure the quality of our delivery, whether it is import or export, we always communicate directly with the drivers to be able to quickly solve the tasks. We are also always available to you as a customer 24/7. In this way we maintain a uniquely high degree of communication to ensure delivery security that is as close to 100 % as we can get. We also work woth digital transport systems for tracking and temperature control in real time.

Long term cooperation
Since the start in 1993 we have had a solid cooperation regarding daily planning and terminal management with our colleagues C. Vreugdenhil Transport BV in Maasdijk in Netherlands. Most of the hauliers who drive for us have also been involved for many years. In the same way, our customers have been faithful in working with us since the beginning. The most important basis for our high level of service and our deliveries, with the highest precision, is many years of experience, great knowledge and extreme accuracy. Something we get through our staff where most of them have also been involved since the start of the company.

With the environment in focus
At Berneco, the environmental work is real. We do not just write a policy and post it on our website. We have been ISO-certified for both the environment (14001:2015) and quality (9001:2015) since 2003. As certified the choice is simple, we must work every day to reduce consumption of fuel, reduce emissions and take our responsibility for the future. An example of this is that we always shall have modern and fresh units to ensure quality and less impact on the environment. Among other things all lorries that roll for Berneco today are Euro 6. The average age is two years for lorries and trailers.

Berneco Transport AB was started on January 1, 1993, by Berne and Mattias Jönsson. Our company name is taken from the founder himself, Berne Jönsson (Berne & company). Berne started in the transport industry as early as the 1960s and in the early 1990s he had accumulated a considerable portion of experience and know-how, which he brought with him to the newly started company.

From the beginning Berneco specialized in exports and imports to and from the Netherlands and Belgium with a focus on temperature-controlled transports, mainly food of the fruit and vegetable sort. The entire Nordic logistics node for these products is located on the outskirts of Helsingborg, not far from our strategic location near the E6 just south of Ängelholm. Via Berne´s own basement and an old hall for handicraft, we moved our office in 1998 to our current premises in Erikslund´s old school.

During the first years of the 2000s a generational change began within the company. That was consolidated in May 2006 when the youngest son Jesper was elected as new CEO of the company. Since then Berneco has been run by the two brothers Jesper and Mattias. In July 2020, the company was sold to Tempcon Group and we are now a part of the goal of becoming the Nordic region´s leading carrier of temperature-controlled transports with bransches to the rest of Europe.

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